Handsel - OUT NOW


Handsel - OUT NOW


20th Anniversary Album - Double CD

Released 1st June 2019

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Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX402

Cover portrait by Michael Corr, michaelcorrartist.co.uk

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1. Begone Bonnie Laddie 
2. The Forester 
3. The Maid of Doneysheil 
4. Sleepytoon (with Ellie Beaton)
5. True Lover John (with Len Graham)
6. The Braes o Broo
7. The Baron o Brackley (with Cameron Nixon)
8. Gie Me a Lass Wi a Lump o Land / The Tarbolton Lasses (with Barbara Dymock)
9. Lovely Armoy
10. The Hash o Bennagoak (with Hector Riddell) 
11. The Lads o the Lindsay
12. The Groves of Donaghmore (with Dàibhidh Stiùbhard)
13. Awa Wi Ma Laddie 

1. Martinmas Time (Demo)                                                                                    
2. Alison Cross (Live)                                                         
3. Whaur Dae Ye Lie?                                                      
4. Billy Taylor                                                                       
5. The Lang Road Doon (Live)                                         
6. The Trawlin Trade (Live)                                               
7. King Orfeo                                                                       
8. Clerk Saunders (Demo)                                                
9. Seán Ó Duibhir a' Ghleanna                                        
10. Pad the Road Wi Me                                                   
11. Son David                                                                      
12. Fisherman's Wife (Live)                                              
13. The Newry Highwayman (Live)                                 
14. The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie / Silver Spear (Live)